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Open Days 2018 at the PKS

The mysterious world of water and vortex in simple experiments. Take a look at original manuscripts, models and prototypes from the laboratories of Viktor and his son Walter Schauberger.

The PKS-Institute will be open to the public on every first Sunday of the months May to September 2018

Sunday, 5. May, 11 – 17 h

Sunday, 3. June, 11 – 17 h

Sunday, 1.. July, 11 – 17 h

Sunday, 5. August, 11 – 17 h

Sunday, 19. August, 11 – 17 h

Sunday, 2. September, 11 – 17 h

Saturday, 6. Oktober, 17 – 22 h (Long Night at PKS)

Entrance fee: € 7,- (with Salzkammergut-Card: € 5,--)

under 18 yrs: free entrance

Guided tour included


3rd - 4th Aug. 2018

International Conference on Schauberger Technology

ICOST 2018

2 days seminar (in English)

Meeting of scientists and Schauberger-experts from various countries, including a visit to the Schauberger-Archives at PKS - see original manuscripts, models and prototypes, e.g. the “Repulsine” or the “Home-Power-Generator” a.k.a. the “Trout-Turbine”. Learn more about the two unconventional scientists Viktor and Walter Schauberger, about water-mysteries and futuristic propulsion systems.


  • Basics: The lives of and the research done by Viktor and Walter Schauberger
  • The mysterious trout – video-documents, showing the fish’s acceleration, filmed with high speed camera in natural alpine surrounding, proving Viktor Schauberger’s observations
  • In-stream River Training inspired by Viktor Schauberger
  • Water and Vortex: A Different Perspective. New possibilities of modelling Schauberger-devices like Suction-Turbines
  • Evapo-Images of spring water, structured water, EaZy Water etc.
  • Applied Water Physics: treating water in a Hyperbolic Schauberger-Funnel
  • The full and the half water cycle, insights to a modern problem
  • World-wide water-initiatives like “Drinkable Rivers”
  • Results from Scientific Research of Implosion Technology and some applications
  • etc.


  • Curt Hallberg (S), Institute of Ecological Technology, www.iet-community.org, www.watreco.com
  • Dr. Elmar C. Fuchs (A/NL), Wetsus Program Manager, www.wetsus.nl
  • Li An Phoa (NL), systems-thinker, engaged in research for vital food, water and landscapes, www.springcollege.nl
  • Franz Fitzke (D), Film-Maker
  • Jan van Toor (NL/D), Aeronautical Engineer
  • Georg Schröcker (A), PKS
  • Joerg Schauberger (A), PKS, SNT, www.pks.or.at
  • more to be announced

Venue: PKS-Villa, Engleitenstr. 17, 4820 Bad Ischl, Austria

Date: Fr., 3rd to Sat., 4th August 2018, from 9:30 to 17:00

Get-together (optional): Thursday, 2nd Aug, 16:00 to 18:30 at PKS
Open Day (optional): Sunday, 5th Aug, 11:00 to 17:00 at PKS

Conference Language: English
Conference Fees: € 195,-- ; Students etc. € 85,-- (including lunch and beverages)
Enrollment and information: seminar@pks.or.at